Ceramic Tile Pet Portraits

Turn an ordinary photo of your pet into beautiful digital art that looks like it's been painted by hand.
Your eyes will pop when you see the result!
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No deposit needed to order a framed ceramic tile pet portrait, just email a photo to tilepets@gmx.com and within 48 hrs. your dog or cat's photo will be turned into a beautiful digital pet portrait ready for you to buy on a framed ceramic tile for only $22.99 US.

Tiles measure 4.25 x 4.25 inches in a 6 x 6 inch frame made of stained Cherrywood.

30 day money back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

Compare Photo To Finished Pet Portrait

chihuahua photo digital dog portraits

As you can see a regular photo is transformed to look like an artistically composed painting that looks original and not a copied snapshot.

How They Are Made

The process involves several steps. First the photo is put into a graphics program and cropped. It is then pasted into a high resolution file, resized and repositioned for a better composition. With the use of a pen and tablet the background is blended by hand and at this point the animal is carefully blended into the background.

Once the blending is done and the artist is satisfied with the composition, computer filters are added to give the picture a painted look and to remove any imperfections the photo may have had. The result is the look of real art but at a fraction of the price!

So what are you waiting for? Order now and get a keepsake that's priceless!

Email dog and cat photos to:

pet portraits on tiles pet portraits on tiles

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What Customers Have Said

"The tile turned out so well and really meant a lot to my brother" - Shari

"you did an awesome job on all of them...Thanks again for your beautiful work" - Liz

"I LOVE the tiles of Misty, Turbo & Pickle." - Bonnie

WOW!!! I love it. - Mercie

"All three are awesome - even more beautiful than I had anticipated. I can't stop looking at them!!! I know my friend will love her kitty pic as well." - Ellie

I just viewed the art and it is absolutely gorgeous! I will order as soon as I get home. Not only that, I have another I would like you to do. - Luzy